Friday, October 20, 2006

Sun-Times: Quinn '07

Well, for all intents and purposes.


fedup dem said...

I am of the opinion that to believe a vote for Rod Blagojevich now will translate into a Governor Pat Quinn in a matter of months is unrealistic. If the George Ryan case showed us anything, it is how long the legal process can be drawn out. If one thought that case (against a former Governor) took forever, just wait until the feds go after a SITTING Governor.

I fear that should Illinois have the misfortune of having Blagojevich prevail on November 7, it may take two or three years for the feds to finish nailing him. By that time, the post of Governor of Illinois might be worth little more than a political booby prize.

Bridget said...

I was at Pat Quinn's fundraiser in Old Town tonight. I had planned on finding him and calling him "Gov" but I didn't get a chance.


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