Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rich Miller: Illinois Media Chokes on the Big Story

From the CapFax:
If you’ve been following the Congressman Mark Foley resignation scandal, you’ve notice that there is a definite Illinois angle. The Florida Republican abruptly resigned after e-mails and other Internet communications emerged that more than just sugggested he was a child sex predator.

If you’ve confined yourself to Illinois media outlets, you probably believe that all is well and that everybody mostly did their jobs (if you’ve seen coverage at all). You’d be wrong.

The Tribune and the State Journal-Register both reported Sunday that US House Speaker Denny Hastert and his office were unaware that one of his Republican members was an accused pedophile until last week. ***

That reporting appears to be inaccurate.
Many others have said it before, but if you're not reading Rich Miller's Capital Fax, you don't know what's going on in Illinois politics.

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Bridget said...

True, true. Rich is the man out here.


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