Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stop the GOP Misleadership in Washington

I'm gonna be pretty busy again today, so I leave you with this video of Sen. Barack Obama calling bullsh't on Creepy Pete's ads:

In the final weeks of the race, I propose a new slogan for the Democratic nominee:

Major Tammy Duckworth: She's Not Peter Roskam.


Bridget said...

How about "Major Tammy Duckworth: she opposes amnesty for racist assholes".

I put up a post today about Roskam and the NRCC's racist ads. Sickening.

NW burbs said...

If by "She's Not Peter Roskam" you mean "She doesn't lie" why then you're spot on, Mr. Mayor.

grand old partisan said...

Wow. That's pretty sad. You have a bright, personable war hero running, and you think that the best slogan for her is that "she's not the other guy."

If you're still wondering why Bush won and you've spent the past decade in the minority, that's it.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Umm... it was a joke.

I thought that was self-evident.

Sorry about the confusion.



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