Sunday, October 08, 2006

The New Republic: Denny's Deal is Worse than FoleyGate

Norman Ornstein and Scott Lilly examine Denny Hastert's other ethical scandal -- the insider real estate deal in which "virtually overnight, the speaker's net worth went from approximately $300,000 to at least $6.2 million--thanks, in no small part, to an earmark he authored."

From the New Republic Online:
Hastert's real estate transactions have been reported extensively in the Chicago press and picked apart in a June report issued by the Sunlight Foundation. But they have been largely ignored in the national media. A careful examination of the facts in the case, however, leads to the conclusion that there are compelling reasons beyond the Foley case to call for the speaker's resignation from the post.
Democrats should take a moment to contact Denny and encourage him to stand strong -- at least until after the election.


OneMan said...

Give me a break. All sorts of people have made money on real estate out there. If he wanted to make the land really worth something he wouldn't have earmarked it for a road that was miles away.
I would get the point if it was like 1 mile way but it's about 6 miles away.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

From the NRO article:"The speaker hasn't exactly helped his case with his accounts of the transaction. His office has, for instance, described the Prairie Parkway as located over five miles from his property. But U.S. Geological Survey aerial photographs clearly show it to be about four miles closer than that."

You can read the entire thing here:

Anonymous said...

Yes, and who would ever argue that developers would pay a high price for land four miles from a brand new, major thoroughfare?

I mean, just look at the desolate wasteland that is Route 59, four (or even six) miles from I-88.

Oh, wait....

The mental gymnastics that "conservatives" will resort to, in order to defend ethical lapses of "their side," defy comprehension sometimes.

NW burbs said...


How close is the current closest Interstate/Parkway/Highway?

Your lame defense of a good ol' boy is silly.

Now, clearly, if the proposed parkway were 7 miles away no one would even care. Not.

(Midwestern, S-CAM's quote of the NRO article indictes the parkway to be about 1 mile away. ...Hastert's office said the parkway was over 5 miles away. ...USGS aerial photos show it to be about 4 miles closer than 5 miles away. Ergo, one mile away. But don't tell oneman.)

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I have reposted the full article -- with no registration required -- at the "Austin Mayor's Memory Attic", i.e.

And yeah, it's one mile away. Denny judgment is no better with distances than with GOP congressmen soliciting teenage pages.


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