Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meanwhile, in the 6th District

We should not let the rapidly developing Foley/Hastert pervert cover-up distract us from other Illinois news, so open up your Daily Herald and let's see what's happening in the 6th District congressional race today:
The congressional page scandal surfaced as an issue in the 6th Congressional District race Tuesday, with Democrat Tammy Duckworth suggesting foe Peter Roskam needs to demand accountability from Republican leadership.

Roskam had an opportunity to say we need to take responsibility, and he didn’t do that,” said Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran from Hoffman Estates. “If I were there, I’d be firmly calling for accountability whether it was my party or not.”

Okay, we would expect the Democratic candidate to be pushing this grotesque example of Republican Corruption and CronyismTM. But that will just give Roskam another opportunity to declare his loyalty to his party bosses
-- as he has since Hastert's role in the scandal broke -- right?
“I’m not saying I don’t believe Hastert. I’m saying this story is evolving literally by the hour,” Roskam said.
Well, that was not a very ringing endorsement of the Speaker of the House was it? Especially from a candidate who's message is "Roskam: He'll Do What Republican Party Bosses Tell Him."

Observers as far away as the Amherst Times are noting Roskam's flagging support for Hastert:
Even a Republican from Hastert's home state of Illinois expressed reservations about asking the speaker for campaign help.

"We still take the position that we want all the facts," said Ryan McLaughlin, a spokesman for state Sen. Peter Roskam, who is running for an open seat now in Republican hands.

It seems that the retreat from Denny has begun and the latest memo from the NRCC to Pete's campaign has instructed him to slowly... back... away... from Hastert.

But, after allowing the Foley/Hastert scandal to dominate the news cycle for nearly a week, surely the Roskam camp has found a way to change the subject... right? Well, let's take a look in the Herald:
Roskam, a personal-injury lawyer, faces another challenge in the form of a lawsuit filed Tuesday in DuPage County court.
Hmmm.. that can't be good news for DuPage county's number one dog-bite lawyer.
Attorney Ralph Hruby, who is representing Lindeen, said she suffered severe injuries in the 2000 accident that required numerous operations. Although the lawsuit comes in the midst of a heated election, Hruby said the timing is not political but is a result of the lawsuit being dismissed.

Roskam’s campaign questioned the timing.

“Peter Roskam was admitted to the American Bar Association in 1989 and it’s odd that 30 days before an election, his first malpractice suit is filed,” campaign manager Ryan McLaughlin said.
It's heartening to see that, although he no longer doesn't not fail to disbelieve Hastert, Roskam has wholeheartedly embraced Hastert's "My Problems Are All Due To A Vast Democratic Plot" conspiracy theories.


Bridget said...

Haha, that second picture of Creepy P. is hilarious! Where did you get it? I can think of half a dozen amateur Photoshop jobs that would be tremendously entertaining with it.

I'm loving the lawsuit business. I hadn't heard that one yet. Ol' Creepy's ship is slowly sinking, it seems.

NW burbs said...

All the GOP's problems are not due to the Democrats... it's those rascally kids too don'cha know? And apparently George Soros has been funding the kids and the War on Terror will explode if predators aren't swept under the rug... Or something.

An aside: I don't understand the latest lame Repub talking point that "this was just some kid's prank that got blown out of proportion"... 1. Foley never would've fallen for any such prank if he weren't into that and 2. more importantly Republican staffers wouldn't be warning pages to stay away from Foley and Republican leadership wouldn't be giving Foley talking-to's if it weren't an habitual problem. Duh. Thank God the American people are smarter than this.


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