Monday, October 30, 2006

Sun-Times to Journalism: We Quit.

We are a week away from election day and at the end of one of the nation's bloodiest months in Iraq -- and the S-T has dedicated its entire front page to a regular season football game.

And the new formatting has made Neil Steinberg's column an unreadable mess.


Pat Hickey said...


'The Limey Times' has kidnapped some talented people - Neil Steinberg, Jack Higgins, Fran Spielman, Mark Brown and Robert Feder to name a few - the Fop, Poser, Dandy, Gad-About, Blackguard, Punk-Ass Limey has done more to destroy The Chicago Sun Times than Lord Black-Adder ever tried to do.

Send 'em back over the pond!

michael in chicago said...

The Bears beat up on a sub-par team in the middle of rebuilding and that gets the front page why? I'm a big Bears fan and even I don't get that.

jsinchicago said...

You've got that right on both counts. I suppose the strategy is that you can read any of Neil's 'subarticles' independent of each other, but there was a narrative flow that they have clearly requested he abolish. A shame to have a gifted writer and be screwing with him.
Loved the Bears all my life, but, Oi! enough!


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