Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hastert Scandal: Boys 'n' LaHood

Scientist tell us that lying is stressful, in part, because keeping a fictional story straight takes more mental effort than merely recalling the actual facts as they occured. That hypothesis, however, rests upon an assumption that the person telling the falsehood possesses the basic intellectual capacity necessary to tell reality from fantasy.

In his fictional defense of Denny Hastert, Ray LaHood once again appears unstressed and unburdened by such an intellect.

From Think Progress:
LaHood falsely claimed, “When Tom [DeLay] was having ethical problems, the speaker wen to him and asked him to leave.” ***

In reality, Hastert repeatedly defended DeLay’s ethical misconduct and attempted to shield him from any responsibility. Hastert replaced the Republican Chairman of the House ethics committee, Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO), after the committee admonished DeLay. The House, under Hastert’s leadership, then passed a rule change that would have shielded DeLay from having to step down from his leadership post if he were indicted. The rule was later rescinded. DeLay resigned only after “a Texas grand jury indicted him and two associates on charges of conspiracy in fundraising.”
TP has the video.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars noted that CBS' Bob Schieffer struggled mightily to stifle his laughter when Lahood, who was on Face the Nation to defend Denny's coverup handling of the Foley scandal, listed three other Hastert-era Republican scandals as proof that Denny is
Lahood: Look at, I give Speaker Hastert high marks for strong leadership. He took care of Tom DeLay, his best friend. When Tom was having ethical problems, the speaker went to him and asked him to leave. When he appointed Duke Cunningham to the intelligence committee, he went to Duke and made sure he wasn't on the intelligence committee after it was disclosed he took 2.3 million dollars. And when Bob Ney was appointed chairman of the House administration committee, he was appointed by Speaker Hastert. Speaker Hastert went to him and told him to step down from that committee after the Abramoff disclosures. Hastert has the ability to take on these big ethical challenges that our party has faced…

Bob: But, but…[chuckle]..what you're saying when you list all that, Congressman, is that he did appoint some of these people who turned out to be crooks. So doesn't he have something to answer for there?

Shorter LaHood: When the crooks Denny appoints to leadership positions get caught, Denny often asks them to step down.

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