Friday, October 27, 2006

You Can Help Make the 6th District Race a Grassroots Race

I said this in the Archpundit comments, but it bears repeating here:

Anyone who wants to really help the Tammy Duckworth's 6th District campaign should get in touch with Democratic Illinois House candidates Joe Vosicky (Dist. 46) or Rob Bisceglie (Dist. 45).

They are both running professional, grassroots-driven state rep campaigns. They are both great guys and their grassroots bone fides are legit -- they're both friends of Christine Cegelis.

In addition, they are each working hard to take an open Illinois house seat. Open seats mean that these districts simply will never be more winnable for the Democrats than this year.

But most importantly, they know their districts better than anyone in the Duckworth camp ever could. I'm sure the Duckworth staff are nice folks, but Joe and Rob are grassroots, shoe-leather, door-knocking candidates. That means they know where their voters are -- and their voters are Tammy's voters.

There is literally nothing you could do that would be more helpful to Major Duckworth than to team up with the grassroots campaigns of Rob and/or Joe in the run up to the election. or

Tell 'em an imaginary friend sent you.

Photo credit: Mr. Wurf

UPDATE: Links are fixed -- now, use 'em!


michael in chicago said...

Link no work:

Joe Vosicky

Bridget said...

Hehe, I took that picture at Rob's wine-and-cheese fundraiser.

NW "Fran, I'm not Austin Mayor" burbs said...

Just make sure all those busses from Chicago work... sheesh. Byrne is such an arse.

Nobody bussed me to any dang precincts. I either walked there (in my neighborhood) or drove myself.

As if the Repubs don't ever ship people in. In fact, we know they do -- Fran Eaton says so. Mitt Romney and his "72-Hour Strategy" email say so too. said...

Bridget was that your photo? I thought it looked familiar and when I clicked the link I realized why. Seems like the wine party was ages ago - amazing how much politicking you can cram in a 24 hour day, day after day, week after week....


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